Portland State University biology seminars brim with cell, phytoplankton and climate-related topics for November-December

Cell signaling, phytoplankton diversity and climate-induced range shifts in species are on the menu for Portland State University Biology Department’s November-December Lester Newman Seminar Series.

Seminars are presented from noon to 1 p.m. each Thursday in Room 247 of the Science Research and Teaching Center. PSU biology faculty typically either present each talk or host a speaker from other universities or science-related organizations. The seminars offer an opportunity to explore current biological research happening locally and beyond.

A cell treated with DAPI nuclear stain appears to glow in the dark. Dave Myburgh | Freeimages

A cell treated with DAPI nuclear stain appears to glow in the dark. Ubiquitin signaling in cells will be the topic of an upcoming Portland State University biology seminar. Dave Myburgh | Freeimages

The schedule of seminars for the remainder of fall term 2015 is as follows:

• Nov. 5 — “Ubiquitin signaling and you: Cul3 comes of age,” presented by PSU’s Jeff Singer and hosted by the PSU Biology Department.

• Nov. 12 — “Observations of the invisible forest: The role of phytoplankton diversity in the ocean ecosystem,” presented by Anne Thompson of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle and hosted by PSU’s Anna-Louise Reysenbach.

• Nov. 19 — Presentation by Nicoletta Faraone, post-doctoral fellow in functional zoology at Sweden’s Lund University. Topic is to be announced, and the host will be PSU’s Daniel Ballhorn.

• Nov. 26 — No seminar due to Thanksgiving holiday.

• Dec. 3 — “Demographic compensation and tipping points in climate-induced range shifts,” presented by William F. Morris, a Duke University biologist. Host will be Mitch Cruzan.

Susannah L. Bodman
Twitter: @Sciwhat
Facebook: Sciwhat.Science

(*Full disclosure: Singer, Ballhorn and Cruzan were professors of the author, who earned a biology degree from PSU in 2013.)


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