For Portland-area middle school girls and their parents, OSU STEM workshop may be worth the drive

At Science In Portland, we focus primarily on science people and happenings in the Portland metro area.

However, sometimes we find items that clearly would be of interest to our Portland audience, even though they may be tied to another area of the state.

Such is the case with this one:

Oregon State University will host a free, half-day workshop March 5 aimed at encouraging young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM.

Know a middle-school-age girl who'd like to explore her interests and possible career paths in science, technology, engineering in math?

Know a middle-school-age girl who’d like to explore her interests and possible career paths in science, technology, engineering in math? Discovering the Scientist Within might be an event for her.

For readers with daughters, nieces or any young women they care for, this is one event possibly worth making the drive to Corvallis for.

The event, Discovering the Scientist Within, is open to middle-school-aged girls and aims to help them explore career options for women who pursue STEM. Hands-on activities and interactions with women working in STEM professions will provide girls with opportunities to check out what it’s really like to work in some STEM fields.

Participants also will have the chance to meet other girls who share their interests — driving home the message that science, tech, engineering and math are not just for boys.

And parents or other caretakers can sign up for their own sessions to participate in while their girls are exploring in workshop groups.

For registration and more information, go to OSU’s Center for Outreach in Science and Engineering for Youth page. If the link there isn’t working, try contacting 541-737-9424 or

Susannah L. Bodman
Twitter: @Sciwhat
Facebook: Sciwhat.Science

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