Take a lunch break and fill up on science at Portland State seminar

The relationship between plants and fungi and the crazy life of killifish are on the menu for the Nov. 1 Better Know a Lab seminar at Portland State University.

The Better Know a Lab seminar series features graduate students from PSU’s biology, chemistry and physics department, plus the occasional invited speaker.

Portland State University is a lovely campus to visit not only for the tree-lined Park Blocks that cut through it but also for the many science talks and seminars that are on offer. Susannah L. Bodman | Science In Portland

Hungry for some science? Head over to the Portland State University campus for the lunchtime Better Know a Lab seminar series. Susannah L. Bodman | Science In Portland

Presenting this time will be Brett Younginger, from the Ballhorn Lab, and Claire Riggs, from the Podrabsky Lab. Both labs are in PSU’s biology department. Younginger will tell plant-fungi tales, while Riggs will share stories of Brazil and killifish — both aiming to entertain, inspire and educate seminar attendees.

The event will begin at noon in Room 107 of Science Building 1, per the organizers, and is open to students, faculty and the public. The series are brown-bag-style lunchtime affairs, but some free food also will be available.

For more information, contact Biological Investigation and Outreach, the graduate student organization for PSU’s biology department, via its webpage, where you can find a link to a contact form.

Susannah L. Bodman
Twitter: @Sciwhat
Facebook: Sciwhat.Science


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