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Reed College’s Leilani Ganser follows her passion for biology, blogging and policy

Leilani Ganser loves biology, science policy and blogging. This Reed College student runs a blog called Academia in Color, which focuses on the scholarship and experiences of people of color working in academia, where historically they have been marginalized. Formerly … Continue reading

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Coming soon …

Dear readers,  Another Q&A is in the works for our Profiles in Science series, which we hope to wrap up soon. Stay tuned … — Susannah L. Bodman Twitter: @Sciwhat Facebook: Sciwhat.Science

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Portland State biology professor talks about how Antarctic fish respond to temperature stress and why it matters

Antarctica is a continent of extremes, and for species that dwell there, it presents a simple problem: Adapt to the harshness, or die out. And over millennia, species have evolved to cope with low temperatures and other extreme conditions around … Continue reading

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